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Real Property Systems Specialist

  • Posted:
    June 24, 2024
  • Closes:
    July 9, 2024
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DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS:  This is an administrative position responsible for providing on-going support to the Real Property Systems (RPS). The incumbent will be required to operate and maintain the New York State Real Property System database ensuring the information is accurate and up to date. The incumbent also works closely with local and state data processing personnel to ensure the effective interface of manual and automated property information entered and obtained from the system. The work will include exemption processing, performing system backups, and providing support for management. The work will be performed under the general supervision of the Director of Real Property Tax Services with wide leeway allowed for the exercise of independent judgment. Considerable autonomy is exercised when performing the work. The incumbent will perform all related duties as required.



  • Oversees and participates in the implementation and maintenance of the County’s Real Property Information System, including system troubleshooting, importing and exporting files;
  • Maintain multiple year databases for tax roll and tax bill processing;
  • Corrects errors on tax rolls and resolves existing problems within the Real Property System;
  • Formulates reports and notices for state and local governments, including county, town, village and district schools;
  • Prepares and maintains current total taxable values for submission to county administrators, towns, villages, schools;
  • Produces tax rolls and tax bills for county, towns, villages, special districts and school districts;
  • Coordinates the conversion of real property information and procedures to interface with the New York State Real Property System;
  • Coordinates with the County Director of Real Property Tax to provide services and information to county departments, other agencies and the general public;
  • Formulates and prepares various reports and notices for the public, in relation to New York State Real Property Tax Law;
  • Compiles data for and assists in the maintenance of the department webpage;
  • Independently prepares the Assessor’s Annual Report for submission to the New York State Office of Real Property Services;
  • Oversees the maintenance of veterans, senior, star, agricultural, etc. exemption information and the ability to explain the exemptions to taxpayers with regard to questions;
  • Operates various computerized systems/programs and applications such as spreadsheets, word processing, calendar, email or other department related databases in performing work assignments and may offer technical assistance to users of such systems/programs;
  • Codes tax data into machine readable format and coordinates and verifies its input into a computer;
  • Performs various clerical duties including gathering information and making calculations for the preparation of statistical and related reports.


FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Thorough knowledge of the use and operation of modern office practices, procedures and equipment; thorough knowledge of the functions, procedures, organization and governing regulations of the department; working knowledge of the New York State Real Property Tax Law where applicable to real property system data;; ability to compose detailed reports involving considerable visual effort and concentration;; ability to communicate clearly, both orally and in writing; ability to process routine administrative details independently, including the composition of letters and memoranda; resourcefulness; dependability; accuracy; integrity and good judgment; ability to establish and maintain  supportive relationships with the public and effectively interact in stressful situation; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.



A. Graduation from a regionally accredited college or New York State registered college with an associate’s degree or higher, and one year of experience involving the use of computerized real property records and database management, or three years’ experience maintaining financial accounts and records using a word processing and spreadsheet software; or

B. Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma and three years of experience in the field of assessment administration, real property values or title searching techniques or five years’ experience maintaining financial accounts and records using a word processing and spreadsheet software; or

C. An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B) above.

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