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County Courthouse

7660 N State St
Lowville, NY 13367

Eric Virkler

The Treasurer’s office is the general custodian of all Lewis County funds and management of county finances. We are responsible for the receipt of all incoming funds, coordinating the investment of reserve funds, administration of the County occupancy tax, enforcing the collection of delinquent property taxes, processing payments for County expenses, managing the bonding process for County financing and preparing annual financial reports.

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Taxes in Lewis County, NY

County Finances

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Certificates of Residency

Lewis County Treasurer’s office provides Certificates of Residency for any citizens attending a NYS community college. The certificate allows the individual to pay the resident rate versus the non-resident rate at any community college in the state.

Certificate of Residency Guidelines

Occupancy Tax

Lewis County local law requires any business providing overnight occupancy to pay occupancy tax.

Local Law Oct 2019

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Occupancy Tax FAQs

Quarterly Dec-Feb

Quarterly Mar-May

Quarterly Jun-Aug

Quarterly Sep-Nov

Payroll and Retirement

How do I change the address on my paycheck?

Contact your Department Head and request that the “Pink Sheet” be done. 

How do I contact the NYS Retirement system?

Call 1 (866) 505-0990 or visit their website

Department Staff Listing

Eric Virkler


Taszden Newton

Deputy Treasurer

Taylor Church

Administrative Assistant

Amanda Denslow

Principal Account Clerk

Joyce Hodkinson

Benefits Specialist 315-376-5323

Taraden Lyndaker

Principal Account Clerk

Katrina Souva

Senior Account Clerk

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