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Trail Permit Disclaimer


In consideration of being permitted to use the OHV trails promoted and maintained by Lewis County, I expressly acknowledge: That in compliance with New York State Laws, I will wear a helmet while riding and my ATV/OHV has the required registration and liability insurance needed if I decide to ride the roads that connect the Trail system; That in compliance with Lewis County Laws, my ATV/OHV has the required liability insurance and is less than 2000 pounds; That I am physically fit and possess strength to participate in the sport of Trail riding and that I will not participate in the sport while under the influence of drugs or alcohol; That I agree to observe, read, and abide by any and all notices posted from time to time by Lewis County which may pertain to my responsibilities as an ATV/OHV operator; and I will only ride on trails designated by Lewis County; That I grant Lewis County the right to utilize any photograph, videotape, motion picture, recording or other record of my use of its facilities for any legitimate purpose; That trail conditions vary constantly because of weather changes and ATV/OHV use. I also understand that rain, variations in terrain, moguls, rocks, forest growth, debris, other obstacles, and hazards including other ATV/OHV riders, exists throughout the area. I further acknowledge that the sport of OHV trail riding is a hazardous activity, and that I or others could suffer personal injury and/or property damage as a participant. By continuing to the purchase permit or 3 day pass from the links below, I hereby expressly acknowledge my understanding and acceptance of the forgoing and agree to assume the risk of any personal injuries which I may incur during my use of the Lewis County OHV Trails. NO REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENT STICKERS WILL BE GIVEN NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: Permit holders and trail users are advised to comply with any and all NYS COVID-19 Executive Orders/Mandates. Be smart and be safe for the safety of all. For more information on NYS COVID-19 Executive Orders/Mandates please visit:

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