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The Lewis County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program is dedicated to the education and betterment of the communities of Lewis County in steps that they can take to be better prepared, respond to and recover from any type of Public Health Emergency that may arise:

Lewis County Public Health has an all-hazard plan in place and conducts exercises periodically to ensure we are prepared, as a community, to respond quickly and effectively to threats endangering the health of the citizens of Lewis County.

Lewis County Public Health has the ability to set up Point of Distribution Sites also known as “PODS” in order to distribute countermeasures to disease and illness outbreaks.

Volunteers are always needed both in Exercises and Real-Life events to assist with the implementation of response and recovery activities within the community.

Education and Communication is the key to ensuring that community members are informed of strategies that they can implement to help reduce their risks in an emergency.

Plan, Prepare, Stay Informed

Emergency Preparedness is something that everyone in the community should take part of. Whether it is a bad storm or other harsh weather scenario, house fire, medical emergency, chemical spill, disease outbreak, or an act of terrorism, there are steps that each of you can take to reduce your risks during times of emergencies.


Advanced planning with family and friends so everyone knows what to do in the event an emergency arises.


Practicing plans and collecting supplies essential to survival should infrastructure be compromised.

Stay Informed

Sign up to receive alerts on cell phones and emails. Follow social media pages of local government agencies for warnings and education materials. Look for free Apps on smartphones which can also be used for alerts.