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General Information

The Lewis County Clerk’s Passport Office is a passport application acceptance agency. We offer guidance in filling out applications and we have picture service available.

Our office is located on the 1st floor of the Lewis County Office Building. Our office hours are by appointment only. Our phone number is (315) 376-5333.

Passport applications are available in our office or on the following internet web site:

Documentation to be submitted

  1. A vital statistic birth certificate with a raised seal with the parent’s information on the document is required as of April 1st 2011. It must include an original filing or recorded date within one year from the date of birth. It must also have an embossed raised seal. In place of a birth certificate you may submit a valid or expired passport or an original naturalization certificate. The original documents must be submitted along with your passport application. They will be returned with your new passport. For children 15 years and younger, different rules apply . Please refer to the following website: 
  2. Two (2) identical photos 2″ x 2″ in size. Passport photos may be taken in our office for $10.00 per set. 
  3. Valid government issued photo identification is required for all applicants. Parent’s photo identification is required for all minors.
  4. Passport fees are as below. 

ADULT FEES (Ages 16+) (Expedited includes postage)

CHILD FEES (Under Age 16) (Expedited includes postage)

Notice on Expedited Passports

If you have questions concerning the status of your Passport Application, you may direct them to the National Passport Center at 1-887-487-2778 or visit:

Expedited mailing fees: $18.32 (US Dept. of State), $20.00 (LC Clerk)

Photos: $10.00

****Expedite charged only once if getting a book and card*****

Passport applications by appointment only!

Travel Web Site: