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What is the Naturally Healthy Lewis County Scavenger Hunt?
  • The scavenger hunt is a way for you to discover new places and activities in Lewis County. By going to different locations on the Naturally Healthy App, you can enter to win a prize from Lewis County Public Health!
What types of places do I have to go to?
  • The scavenger hunt includes places around Lewis County like farmers markets, farm stands & stores, hiking trails, parks & playgrounds, and many more!
How do I participate?
  • As you visit each location on the Naturally Healthy app, you will fill out the form that is located below. When you have completed the requirements, you can send it to Lewis County Public Health to claim your prize!
  • Do I have to complete the scavenger hunt by a certain date?
    • No! You can complete the scavenger hunt at your own pace.

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